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Simple solution. App Solution.

A new way to monetize your iOS inventory more efficiently.
Grow up your affiliate opportunities with monthly users recurring payments.

Easy to start

Just switch traffic flows to us and get your revenue, everything else we’ve already done. Our iOS applications with great user experience allow us to say with confidence: it’s your way to stable monthly earnings!

We provide you pool of applications for different audiences and auxiliary information. We know everything about our target audience and we will happy to share it with our partners

No rules. Buy traffic anywhere, as you wish.

Look at this scheme:

  • You send users to any our app
  • They install our apps and subscribe to 7-days free trial
  • After 7-days we’ll get first payment from user, you’ll get your first revenue
  • User pay every month, you get your 50% again and again
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The best way to a stable profit

Say no to every day traffic control and creative generation. Collect your own subscriber base and get revenue for a long time! Easy!

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Innovative. Perspective. Clear.

Just test your usual traffic sources with our solution. Simple to start. Simple to get money.

  • 50% revenue share for life
  • Weekly payments
  • Without hold for key partners
  • Postback integration
  • Worldwide geo
  • Accurate conversions tracking
  • Ban-resistant offers